Images are the new conversations

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015

On 26 November 2018 I participated in the seminar Images are the New Conversations organized by Co-Society. Here are a selection of notes I took during the day.

Images to see: scroll (for instance in a catalogue), encyclopedia (organize information),  sell, control

Images to imagine: motivate, lie (eg fake news), enjoy (like in Tokyo).

Images to search: – eg magic mirror – I use my image. The image of your body you use to choose a product. My image could serve to see who I am (new boarding pass with photo?). – shop around, eg plant net – take a pic of a plant and they say you what it is. Image helps to find something. Next 5-10 years, the mobile will help to search through images. Eg you bring product, it is scanned and it helps to find product. Easier to scan the product to find it. Find object through its images. Same for dating.

Images to understand: – learn. Among all the information that circulates, many times an image explains it much better – can also be graph. – do. Eg cooking instructions in few images. – train. Eg google glass.

Images to brand: Brand – naming + logo. That’s not valid any more! Has changed a lot: many times logo doesn’t appear, we have images!

Many brands have a platform of content creation with the aim of creating a new engagement, better engagement. Content marketing! Many times there is not even the product on the picture.

The future is midlifer! Many brands forget that +50 do understand influencers.

Images have to be sophisticated. Many times images are made on the basis of who uses the social media channel, not the ones who can buy the product.

We spend far more time on social media that are based on images. YoTube and Instagram are the most valued social media channels.Instagram 58x more engagement than on Facebook! So the question is: does my Instagram grid represent my brand?

Transmedia is about how your story flows to engage and transform your audience. Your story.  Before – during – after. Your audience ——- story goal. Transmedia Canvas – method to design a transmedia experience

A scary, but maybe not so unrealistic vision of the future use of images: