Author: JGlarner

Seeing Dalí

Have you ever seen this painting by Salvador Dalí, this lady floating above the horizon? I was lucky to see it the other day at Museu de Maricel in Sitges. Hang on, was it a painting? Or a wonderful vision emerging out of the blue (literally)? Sometimes, museums are even richer than we expect. Just…


The lack of sun is sometimes a huge gain. Have you ever noticed that trees can look like blood vessels? All pictures were taken in Braunwald, Switzerland.

Images are the new conversations

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 On 26 November 2018 I participated in the seminar Images are the New Conversations organized by Co-Society. Here are a selection of notes I took during the day. Images to see: scroll (for instance in a catalogue), encyclopedia (organize information),  sell, control Images to imagine: motivate, lie (eg fake news), enjoy…