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It’s all about 3D now!

Photography – video – and now 3D! I am pleased to have added the 3D scanning to my portfolio and I can offer now training as well as scanning sessions.

Sant Pau del Camp Monastery in Barcelona
Helmet used for Aida Opera, Museu de les Arts Escèniques, Barcelona

A chance for digital museum communication

We wish all museum professionals affected by the closure of their institutions the strength they need to overcome this difficult situation.

We can only hope that people consume online more museum related content than ever. Digital communication is our chance!

Foto JGlarner – Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Seeing Dalí

Have you ever seen this painting by Salvador Dalí, this lady floating above the horizon? I was lucky to see it the other day at Museu de Maricel in Sitges. Hang on, was it a painting? Or a wonderful vision emerging out of the blue (literally)?

Sometimes, museums are even richer than we expect. Just open your eyes, take your time and discover art beyond the physical.